The cannabis sativa plant is one of the most misunderstood in the world. While it is true that marijuana comes from the same species of plant, hemp contains no THC. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is psychoactive in marijuana responsible for its mind-altering effects. Industrial hemp comes from the cannabis Sativa L. plant. Farmers cultivate and sell hemp for its many uses. These include making hemp clothing, paper, plastics, and hempcrete, a construction material.

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How long have people been making hemp from clothes? The oldest hemp fabric pieces found date back to approximately 800 AD. However, historians believe that humans were using this incredible material much further back than this.

Hemp clothing is among the most durable in the world, but there are many facts about clothes made from hemp you may not know.

Hemp Clothes Are Durable


Hemp fibers are the longest in the plant kingdom. They will outlast any other natural fabric you might find in your local mall. Hemp is more than ten times stronger than cotton and twice as strong as steel. Hemp can hold up to twice the weight steel can handle. Clothes made from hemp are very durable, you are far less likely to poke holes in your stronger than steel shirts or pants. You can expect to be wearing the same hemp clothing you buy today for many years to come. In fact, you will probably tire of these clothes before they wear out.

Hemp Clothing is Naturally Porous


Hemp fibers have a natural sponge-like consistency. This structure makes it easy for hemp clothes to allow your skin to breathe. This helps to reduce sweating by keeping you cooler even in the hottest weather. The fibers will continue getting softer as they age and are mildew resistant. Clothing made from hemp is also naturally UV resistant, helping to reduce the risk of the type of sunburn that can occur through many other materials. These clothes don’t feel rough straight out of the dryer, nor do they collect lint like you typically see with cotton.

Hemp Clothes Are Eco-Friendly

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Cotton growers would have you believe that in buying clothes made from cotton, you are being environment. However, the facts prove something completely different. While cotton tends to exhaust the soil in which it grows, hemp replenishes it. Hemp plants remove toxins from the soil, such as heavy metals, many different chemicals. It leaves behind soil that is healthy and ready for the next crop.

  • Hemp uses 50% less water during its growth cycle
  • Hemp grows from seed to maturity in only four months. In some areas two crops per year are possible
  • Cotton takes up to six and a half months to reach full maturity. In most areas of the world, only one crop per year is possible.

Hemp Grows Toxin Free

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From planting to harvesting, farmers must use a variety of toxic chemicals to ensure it grows. This includes pesticides to keep the insects away, herbicides like Roundup to keep weeds at bay, and fertilizer. Because of this, not only does cotton add toxins to the air, water, and soil, but it depletes the nutrients needed to grow another crop. Which is why farmers use so much fertilizer.

On the other hand, the plant used for hemp clothes needs no toxic pesticides, it’s naturally pest resistant. It does not require fertilizers, and because the plants grow so close together, weeds cannot grow. Moreover, hemp actually pulls toxins out of the soil while helping to replenish nutrients. It does so because the roots of the plant go much deeper in search of water, pulling minerals and nutrients with up with it. This also leaves the topsoil moister and fresher.

You can count on any hemp clothing you buy to be free of all toxins. Cotton is processed using a variety of toxic chemicals, not all of which can be removed from the resulting cloth. Hemp clothing is one of the most organic types of clothing and is rapidly gaining in popularity.

Hemp Clothing Helps Reduce the Risk of Skin Cancer

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Now that you know hemp clothes are chemical and toxin-free let’s talk about the protection it offers. The fibers of hemp used to make cloth are naturally UV radiation resistant and can help protect your skin.

Clothes made from hemp can help reduce your risk of exposure to the sun’s UV radiation and, in doing so, can also reduce your risk of skin cancer. At the same time, blocking the sun can help reduce tanning, which leads to dry, wrinkled skin as you age.

Not only do hemp clothes help block the sun, but the material is also perfect for athletes. It is lighter, cooler, and, most importantly, antibacterial. Wearing hemp clothing is like putting a shield against the many bacteria in the air on top of your skin.


Sadly, clothing made from hemp while gaining in popularity still faces an uphill battle. The mere fact that the fibers come from the cannabis sativa L. plant is why. Many people still associate this strain of cannabis with those grown for their marijuana content. It is this recreational use of marijuana and the stigma that goes with it to blame. Yet the cannabis sativa L. plant contains virtually zero THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol is the compound in “pot” responsible for the “high” recreational users are interested in.

Some believe that the hemp cloth used to make clothing is thicker than cotton. In reality, hemp cloth is quite thin, making it very flexible and comfortable to wear.

Due to its near 100% organic nature, clothing made from hemp is an excellent choice for many who suffer from sensitive skin.

The next time you are ready to go shopping for new clothes, consider purchasing hemp clothing. It is made from one of the Eco-friendliest plants on the planet. Hemp clothes are more durable, comfortable, and damage resistant than cotton or any other materials. Hemp clothing is great for you and your skin. Moreover, it is an excellent choice for those who wish to help reduce the effects of climate change.

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