A hemp oil vape is a small battery-powered atomizer designed to turn hemp oil into a vapor that can be inhaled. These vapes come in a range of styles and colors.

Vape “pens” look like a pen but are more abundant in diameter, vapes with tanks vary in size from those small enough to fit in your pocket to those so big you must carry them in your hand or hanging from a lanyard.

Why Vape in the First Place?

Vaping involves taking a liquid such as hemp oil, heating to approximately 200°F, or more using a portable vaporizer or “hemp oil vape.”

At this point, the liquid becomes steam or “vapor” that can be easily inhaled, referred to as vaping.

Keep in mind that when burning a cigarette reaches a temperature of around 1,600°F during a two-second “puff.”

During this time, a smoker is inhaling an incredible number of substances known to cause several severe medical conditions, including, of course, lung cancer, emphysema.

Long before anyone came up with a hemp oil vape, people were using vaping as a way to cut down and finally eliminate their consumption of cigarettes.

E-cigarettes have been available since 2003. Created by a pharmacist in China who watched his father died of lung cancer.

These devices contained an oily liquid containing nicotine, which is responsible for a person’s addiction to cigarettes.

Hemp Oil Vaping Came Soon After

It didn’t take long for someone to find out they could use these vapes for marijuana, either in leaf or liquid form.

E-liquids come in a vast array of flavors (for cigarette smokers, there are hundreds of single and blended flavors) that make them very attractive.

When CBD oil is converted into steam, the amount of CBD from a hemp oil vape or nicotine from an e-cigarette is much higher. By vaping, you breathe out mostly water as more of CBD is absorbed by your lungs.

There are no dangers of second-hand smoke and no nasty smell. This, of course, made vaping more socially acceptable, further increasing the popularity of vape.

Hemp Oil – a Quick Refresher

CBD oil or cannabidiol oil is derived from cannabis Sativa plants. It does not contain any THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, which is what marijuana users consume to get “high.”

Hemp oil has been proven by numerous medical and scientific studies to help with medical conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, epilepsy, and under certain circumstances, certain forms of cancer.

CBD oil can be consumed as in edibles or more recently by using a Hemp oil vape.

Edibles take time to be useful as does orally ingesting CBD oil. However, by vaping or inhaling Hemp oil as a vapor, the required results tend to occur much faster.

When you vape Hemp oil, CBD oil in the form of a vapor enters your lungs, where it is diffused straight into your bloodstream.

When you ingest hemp oil, it passes from your stomach to your kidneys where it filtered, and a sizeable quantity of CBD is removed, resulting in loss of effectiveness.

Hemp oil vape

Many people vape in their leisure time.

By using a hemp oil vape, not only do you get more cannabidiol into your system, but full effectiveness occurs in 30 to 60 minutes.

Ingesting it can leave you suffering for an hour or more while you wait for it to pass through your digestive system.

How Does a Hemp Oil Vape Work?

A hemp oil vape works just like those made for e-juice, a liquid containing propylene glycol, flavorings, and nicotine (you can also buy zero nicotine e-juice). Inside a vape is a heating coil or atomizer.

As this coil heats up, it turns thinned hemp oil into a vapor. Hemp oil must be thinned using either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin for it to be successfully converted into steam.

Most CBD vape oils are blended with propylene glycol because it mixes more evenly and doesn’t crystalize like vegetable glycerin, making it much harder to vape.

Hemp oil vape devices can be pens that make use of cartridges or the more expensive units that feature a tank and are rebuildable (you can replace the heating coils).

With a tank vape, you have more choices regarding what flavoring you want.

hemp oil vape

There are many different kinds of vaping devices.

However, with a tank style vape, there is more maintenance involved. A vape tank needs to be cleaned before each filling, and in time the coils will need to be replaced.

With cartridge models, you install a cartridge, and you’re ready to go. However, in most cases, a hemp oil vape does require you to use the brand of vape cartridges available from its manufacturer.

They may be more convenient, but they are likely to be more expensive as you have no choice but to buy cartridges explicitly designed for the vape pen you have chosen.

Most pen-style hemp oil vapes turn on when you inhale; tank-style models typically have a trigger.

Moreover, with a tank style vape, with most models, you can adjust temperature settings. Differing temperatures vary how much vapor you inhale.

Why Choose a Hemp Oil Vape?

Why would you choose a hemp oil vape over one designed to burn the flower? Most people want to vape hemp oil for convenience. Vape pens are small and can be put in your pocket or purse.

Keeping in mind that tank-style vapes are much larger and may not be easy to carry with you.

Those designed to burn flowers require much more significant and need emptying the heating chamber and dumping any leftover leaf out.

With a hemp oil vape, you fill the tank or snap in a cartridge each time it becomes empty. Tanks need only be cleaned from time to time, and cartridges can be thrown away.

These devices are simple to use and clean, making tank style vapes more popular.

As a bonus, buying hemp oil vape juice in bottles for filling tanks is typically less expensive. Also, there are more flavors to choose from.

High-quality oils typically have higher levels of CBD. Keep in mind that when it comes to vaping devices, both pens and tank-style, you tend to get what you pay for, it is worth paying a little more to ensure the quality of the vape.

Vaping CBD oil is rapidly becoming very popular. Especially amongst those who use cannabidiol to treat their particular medical condition.

It’s clean, fast, and active with minimal risk of side effects or addiction. Be sure you talk to your doctor before using cannabidiol in any form.


  1. reaches a temperature of around 1,600°F


  1. Created by a pharmacist in China