Hemp distinct characteristics make it different from the Marijuana we a familiar with. Hemp is an environmentally friendly crop.

Since Hemp has many uses variously, in some places planting Hemp is illegal, but looking at the bright side, many things can be made and even promote eco-friendly in using Hemp.

The problem is some people use to have negative thinking and to link Hemp to Marijuana.

For them, the policymaker legalizing the planting and use of Hemp is the same as legalizing as well the Marijuana, which is not true.

Planting hemp is not difficult at all. It grows in a variety of soil types and even in a different climate. Also, planting Hemp doesn’t much need a vast space, for it can also be planted even in tight places.

Hemp grows faster, and this makes the farmer have a natural harvest. Like in Canada, farmers gain a profit of around $300 of every acre of planting Hemp.

After harvesting farmers’ tasks made easy in planting foods crops wherein there is no need to have a fallow period.

What Makes Hemp Eco-Friendly?

Let’s talk about Hemp is environmentally friendly. What material do you think your clothes make? Surely you will answer “cotton.” Well, not all your clothes wearing are all made in cotton.

The clothing lines nowadays are using Hemp in making clothes. Its extremely beneficial fiber is used in making the clothes to you and your family.

Clothes made from Hemp are good men, women, and children and even to those who are sensitive in chemically processed clothing.

In that way, Hemp is considered to be environmentally friendly wherein no chemical is needed in the production of Hemp like pesticides, insecticides, and even fertilizer. Thus it improves the soil quality of planting Hemp.

hemp eco friendly

Hemp can replace plastic, paper, and steel components.

In agriculture, the term “weed” is defined as an unwanted plant growing everywhere and anywhere.

Well, the hemp plant is like a weed also. The hemp plant is unique among other plants because it is resistant to most pests and doesn’t even need any chemicals like fungicides, insecticides, etc.

Unlike other plants, Hemp doesn’t need much water to grow and even survive and thrive on places with less water present.

Hemp resiliency also helps the environment to clean up soil pollution in a natural way by the process called phytoremediation.

Are you familiar with the Chernobyl accident? In that accident, radiation spread to the town of Chernobyl, making the town inhabitable for many years.

Hemp plays its role in Chernobyl as it is used to harmlessly remove the toxic and pollutant from the soil and even in the groundwater.

Also, being a unique plant, Hemp absorbs carbon dioxide while it grows naturally with photosynthesis making it free form carbon toxic.

Hemp Pulp as Recyclable Paper

Ran out of papers? Do you know that most of the paper we have come from trees? Tree as a raw material in making all kind of papers is not only the source we have.

Hemp plant also is an excellent alternative source in papermaking; its pulp has been used to create a paper for at least 2000 years or more.

Hemp pulp makes it a more durable and recyclable paper. In which hemp plants don’t need to apply chemicals, making it a good quality in making paper thus eco-friendly.

Hemp for Fuel

Nowadays, with the growing population of people, cars also grow in numbers each year. As its number increases, the need for fuels for these vehicles also increases too.

That’s why when we are watching the news, we are annoyed to hear that there is an increase in the price of fuel, which is not new to us. Since there is a shortage in the supply of fuel, other companies are seeking alternative ones and thus eco-friendly.

Hemp is the best for that. In some studies conducted, it was found out that hemp seed oil makes a viable and appealing as a good source of feedstock for making or producing biofuel.

The hemp oil proves that it is very beneficial as an alternative source of biodiesels with high efficiency it shows.

Using Hemp as fuel will help you and the other to be eco-friendly and thus reducing air pollution caused by carbon emission from the vehicles.

Using hemp biofuel will lessen the destruction of our ozone layer and save our mother earth.

Human around the world generates and use plastic every day and later on became trash, which causes a severe problem as plastics and their other byproducts are thrown away in every street, cities, rivers, waterways, and even in the ocean.

Today this became a significant problem as it causes a danger not only to our health but also to the animals.

Many organizations and even the government initiate programs and projects in reducing plastic waste.

But the sad reality is that few of the plastic waste around the world are being recycled while the remaining is still floating in the oceans, others are in the streets. Well, we have good news for you.

Substitute for Plastic Materials

Hemp today is now being used as a substitute for plastic materials. Like in the car industry, they now incorporate Hemp as a raw material in making car spoilers and composite body panels, making their production no eco-friendly and free from plastic.

As Hemp became popular many other car companies today are engaged in using Hemp as a raw material in other car composites parts.

The plant proves its strength as more reliable, cheaper, and lighter material in the car making industry, thus creating eco-friendly and recyclable.

Hemp as Ingredient in Oil-based Products

Hemp also is being used as an ingredient in oil-based products like paints, inks, and varnishes.

As mentioned earlier, hemp seeds are a good source of oil that is non-toxic and eco-friendly. Way back to the renaissance period, hemp paint is widely used for making stunning paintings by famous artists like Van Gogh are another known painter at that time.

One beneficial characteristic of hemp oil is water-resistant. Therefore, as this is applied in a different medium like canvases and woods, it soaks quickly to the medium.

Plus, it added the benefit of protecting the wood from the water with its water-resistant function.

With the continuing evolution of the industrial and technology age, it became a major as this contributes more to the slow destruction of our mother earth.

Now we are seeing the effects of those activities we made, causing lots of disasters and problems.

Furthermore, Hemp and its environmentally friendly features can help curve many eco-hazards that currently plague the planet.

How does it help the environment?

hemp eco friendly

The plant has many uses and benefits on an industrial scale.

Hemp does much better in saving our environment with its eco-friendly uses like:

(1) Hemp replaces other common raw materials in making different products like in making paper, which requires tress by using Hemp. This will lessen the cutting down of trees as raw material, which in turn to the cause of soil erosion.

With its durability, stability, and the lower price, many are more engaging are using Hemp as a raw material in making some products we’ve been known.

(2) Hemp also helps in reducing air pollution in many ways. Being a resistant plant, it is free from any chemicals like insecticides, pesticides, etc.

Thus, in terms of carbon dioxide emission, hemp seeds nowadays are now extracted. It acts as an alternative source of biofuels and an eco-friendly, convenient, and organic option.

(3) Hemp is good for soil enrichment since it grows naturally. The plant absorbs chemical residue present in the soil and even radioactive chemicals making the soil fertile for planting crops.

Although the negative ideas surround the hemp plant, its benefits make it a worthy option for further research.

The versatility of Hemp proves that it is not only applicable as an alternative source of raw materials, but it is also worthy in saving and cleaning out our environment converting carbon dioxide in oxygen, which in turn reduces the greenhouse effect.

Hemp industry only proves that it is on the verge of becoming a popular crop with lots of its uses and also the presence of different processing machinery, making the production of Hemp makes it easier.

This will assure you that all Hemp made product is guaranteed to be No toxic, Recyclable and Biodegradable.

Final thoughts

Talking about its productivity in Hemp, all parts are beneficial mean nothing goes to waste. With its high-quality material capable of producing high-class fiber use in clothes and rope making.

Rests assure that as the hemp industry continues to make its noise in the industry, all the products made from Hemp are surely safe in your health and to others.

The hemp plant grows so fast, unlike another plant. This is good for boosting the mass production of industrial and commercial production of some products.

Hemp and its environmentally friendly characteristics will save our mother earth.