The Hemp Network is increasingly becoming popular in the world of multilevel marketing. It is a business opportunity that focuses on delivering health and wellness products to consumers. The process aims to give people the chance to achieve financial freedom through the sale of the emerging product that is now legal.

The business opportunity involves the distribution of products through direct sales by network marketers. It deals with different hemp products. Therefore, individual business owners should agree to adhere to all the state and federal regulations.

The health and wellness industry has a lot of competition. The business opportunity has an edge since it deals with a product that is yet to become competitive in the MLM industry. Although it is a legitimate opportunity, you have to get as much relevant information as possible before considering enrollment.

The attrition rate on the MLM industry is relatively high at more than 95% in the first year. It happens due to individuals who fail to complete the compensation structure, quality sponsoring, or even lack of training.

The Hemp Network

It is a multilevel marketing based department of Medical Marijuana Inc. The Oregon Corporation has been in operation since March 2009. It delivers a practical and secure foundation for the Medical Marijuana Industry. The developers of the network hold to the fact that there is a rise in demand for hemp-based products. Therefore, setting up the MLM model was a strategy to reap from the rise.

Who Owns It?

Bruce Perlowin and Don Steinberg are the leaders in the company. The two are prominent figures for developing the world’s largest and successful telco network marketing organization. They work together with experts in different fields, including software engineers, medical practitioners, marketers, and formulators.

The Compensation Plan

The Hemp Network has no cost for membership. The company operates through a hybrid payment plan. On the front end is a Unidirectional International Power Leg where every person enrolls and remains under each other based on who signs up first. On the back end, there is a uni-level payment plan. For more straightforward understanding, it means that the people you sponsor into the network will appear at the bottom of the International Power Leg. On the other hand, they appear on the first level of your back end unilevel.  The company uses Global Power Leg in giving bonuses and motivating the IHCs to see all the sign-ups below them.

Things You Should Consider Before You Join

  • Understand the compensation plan. Consider how you earn, the frequency of payments, etc.
  • Examine the training program for beginners.
  • Examine the marketing system within the scheme. It may include autoresponders, leads generation, etc.

The advantage in The Hemp Network mainly lies in the product. It has numerous uses. Furthermore, hemp is traceable to thousands of years, although its recent increase in popularity is due to legalization. However, can The Hemp Network stand out amidst the competition in the wellness products? It has the advantage of being under two leaders with experience in building a massive multilevel marketing company. You should note that joining an MLM differs from mastering how to grow it. It is imperative to develop your sales funnel before anything else.