Looking back into history, you will find many multi-functional tools that enjoyed a lot of fame for long stretches. However, very few made their way to the modern-day era. Among such tools is the ever-useful hemp rope. While each time had its popular uses, we will be focusing on what made it through the ages and is still going strong. Some of these uses actually came about in the current time as our eagerness to do something new with this amazing rope.

While you will find some cool information on the uses of ropes made from hemp fiber, you should also take inspiration from what you learn. As it is, the way hemp is providing alternatives to our major problems is quite staggering. Some of the biggest phenomena where you can use this rope include fuel and plastics. That alone can give you an idea of how unlimited the usability of hemp fiber ropes is. Being planet-friendly and extremely reliable, it is certainly something that ought to be used in new ways every day. Let us take a look at what it has to offer and how people are using it today.

What makes Hemp Rope Special?

If were to put it down in two words, we would say, environment and versatility. Hemp rope gained popularity not centuries but thousands of years ago. It came into use for a lot of different types of materials. The best part, it was all a natural process with a very minimal carbon footprint. However, the dawn of industrialism brought with it a steady downfall of ropes made from hemp fiber. This is because new alternatives stepped into the light that cost less to make than hemp ropes. However, they also brought with them a massive increase in the amount of wastage and carbon footprint.

Cotton e.g. is the most commonly used material in ropes used today. While you may think it is just a crop, creating this crop requires a lot of bad practices. These include the use of synthetic materials, different chemicals used in the process, and the pesticides used directly at the farm. All of these things bring a lot of damage to the environment.

Producing hemp rope, on the other hand, does not create all those issues and it is a product that is naturally strong. Hemp fiber ropes are also water-resistant, and this provides them with much more longevity. That longer life not only cuts sharply on the price difference but also ensures that a lot less needs to be made.

The Legend Returns

Due to a recent global shift towards the protection of the environment, hemp rope is making a comeback. In just a few years it has gained a lot of popularity as the rope of choice for green practices. With the passing of Farm Act in the USA, a lot of hemp products are coming out. Naturally, hemp fiber ropes are also a part of that group and people are making all sorts of things from it.

The versatility and resilience it offers have allowed people to think free and as a result, create some amazing products. A lot of those products are available quite commonly now thanks to the promotion of green practices. We are sharing a few things you can make from hemp fiber ropes that we found interesting.

Products made of Hemp Rope

This section can go to a lot of detail and you should also look deeper into what you can create from hemp-based ropes.

1. Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most popular uses that people have derived from these ropes. With so many different knots and designs coming out, you can make a whole range of products. This includes things like bracelets, necklaces, anklets, hair bands and accessories, and many oth

er things. To make things interesting, you can add stuff like shells, charms, and beads, etc. to increase the style even more.

2. Packaging

Given the strength and durability that hemp rope offers, you can use it for securing all kinds of packages. It can also come in handy on things like crates and other large/bulky materials where you may be using plastics

3. Nautical Decor

Using ropes made out of hemp fibers for the interior is catching a lot of publicity for bringing a new spark. Your space looks a lot more complicated while keeping the setting itself simple. Using it in place of handrails along the stairs is one of the most popular concepts in practice.

4. Macramé

This is the art of making beautiful patterns with ropes. A lot of people make really beautiful plant hangings and different decorations out of them. Ask any professional macrame artist and they tell you that nothing works and looks better here than hemp fiber ropes.

5. Gardening

For domestic folk, hanging plants is an activity that can consume a surprisingly huge amount of rope. Using ropes made out of cotton or nylon does not do the environment any favors. As a replacement, a lot of gardeners are now opting for ropes made from hemp fiber. This is allowing them to not just be environmentally friendly but also choose a much better-quality rope.

6. Arts and Crafts

One of the most interesting features of hemp fibers is that they naturally create a rustic feel in everything. Wherever you use them, they will make that thing look very beautiful. This is why a lot of arts and crafts now involve the use of hemp fibers and ropes as they make the whole project look far more creative and beautiful.

Time to Get Crafty

This is only the tip of the iceberg as people are finding new ways every day to make hemp fiber ropes useful. Perhaps you should also take out your artist’s hat and let the creative juices flowing. Do come back and share whatever new use you came up with. Or at least do try the ones we have shared.