What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of bracelets? It can be purely about friendship or a relationship. However, folks today use hemp bracelets beyond traditional gender norms. Hemp leather bracelets and braid, for instance, signify friendship. You can find a multitude of designs and color palettes.

There’s a good chance you might have seen some captivating hemp bracelets in different online shops. Despite your preferable type of hemp bracelet, it should take a handful of materials and a single knot method. In the end, you will need reliable hemp fiber.

Once you have an excellent hemp fiber, you can finalize what type of hemp you need to make your hemp bracelet. Keeping that in mind, here’s a simplified process that will guide you through creating attractive hemp bracelets:

What Tools and Supplies Will You Need

Here are some of the things you will need to make an 8-inch bracelet:

  • Hemp cord of 100 inches
  • Transparent tape
  • Scissors
  • Beads
  • Quality glue

When it comes to the beads, you will have plenty of choices. The most vital thing is to get a suitable hole size to include two cord strands together. If your hemp cord is 1mm, the holes should be wide 2mm at the minimum.

What Else?

When it comes to the bracelet knot, you should be able to get 5-7 small beads quickly. However, you have a few great choices that can include:

  • Metal beads with a large hole
  • Gemstone beads with 6-8mm large hole
  • Roller beads with 5-6mm hole
  • Mirage beads with 6×7 hole size

Follow Straightforward Directions

So long as you have all your supplies, you can begin to make your bracelet. First, you will need to cut your hemp cord in specific measurements. You can cut it into one 10”, 20”, or 70” piece. Now, your focus of attention should be on the center of 20″ and 70″ piece and insert the loop center at the center top.

Afterward, you can place the 10” cord on the center to make a hitch knot that should be no longer than four (4) strands. You should ensure that the cording matches with the ends. Technically, you will need to loop the 10″ cord via the middle of the cords.

You’re doing great. Now, to anchor your bracelet, you will need to make tight and clean knots. You can, of course, make your bracelet project portable and use a clipboard. See that top clip? Place the 10″ cord there. What about 20” cords? Use the tape to make it tighter. However, make sure there’s enough space between the two cords that it should come across as dangling.

Time to Knot Your Hemp Bracelet

Typically, there should be a single perfect knot for your bracelet. And you may have heard of it as the square knot. Remember, the long cord should be on your right, two short cords in the center. The second long cord of knotting should be on the left.

Perfect the Structure of Your Details

Take the long knot with knot small knot and place it behind another long knot. The idea is to form a loop of 50-centimeters on your right. Don’t forget to ensure that the short knot is behind the long knot. Now bring that long knot over the short via the first loop of the long knot. Ideally, it would be best if you pulled tight but not too tight.

You can identify whether or not your knot is too tight. If you pull tighter, your knot will be smaller. The level of tightness, however, also depends on the size of your bracelet. Once you perfect the above technique, you can repeat it multiple times with small and large knots.

Can You Make Alternative Sides for Each Knot?

Yes, you can make an alternative knot from left to right. You should, on the other hand, attempt precisely after twenty (20) knots. Also, keep the number of your knots evenly and consistently pull the knots.

What If You Have No Idea about Your Side?

After the tight pull of the first knot, pay attention to the side, you will work the knots. It should be a forward position rather than a back-facing position.