Winter is upon us and it is in full swing. As we huddle up in our comforters looking for warmth, we can’t help but notice our lips slowly lose their glow and get chapped. With so many products to choose from, you must be wondering about the perfect solution to this never-ending problem. Have you thought about CBD lip balm?

The recent legalization of cannabis has brought a whole new wave of beauty products. Among them is the CBD lip balm, which is proving to be a real problem solver. Users of this product are swearing by its effectiveness and we are sharing with you the benefits it provides.

Is CBD safe?

Whenever you see CBD products anywhere, the first question that pops to mind is the same; is it safe? The simple answer is yes, it is safe to use CBD. The biggest differentiating point is the chemical properties of CBD. The chemical component that makes marijuana illegal and different from hemp is the presence of THC. THC is the substance that provides the “high” feeling, and it is abundant in marijuana. This quantity sets it apart from hemp, which only contains a very small amount of THC.

The United States government started a test phase in 2014, where they initiated the controlled production of hemp. This led to an increase in CBD products in the market; a positive response came back from users. Eventually, in 2018, the farm bill passed, and after 82 years, hemp farming became legal again. By 2022, the market for hemp is expected to grow up to 22 billion dollars!

Chapped Lips

Causes of Dry / Chapped Lips

Before getting into the positive CBD lip balm effects, we should take a look at the problem itself. Identifying the source of the problem is always helpful to understand the solution that CBD lip balm provides.

  • Dehydration: The most common reason for developing chapped lips is insufficient water. When there is insufficient water present in the body, it immediately affects the suppleness of the skin. It can also happen through other factors like drinking alcohol, excessive caffeine intake, and drinks with too many tannins.
  • Weather effect: when the weather is dry and cold like in winter, our body gets a direct impact, leading to skin dryness all over
  • Lack of nutrients: If your body is running low on nutrients like Vitamin B, zinc, or iron, you will see its effects in the form of chapped lips and dryness on the skin.

There are many other ways as well in which our skin, especially the lips, get dry and chapped. So let us see how CBD lip balm can provide relief from the problem.

Lip Balm

Benefits of CBD Lip Balm

Let us start with the very first of the CBD lip balm effects that you will notice., the glow! With just a single application, your lips will immediately start looking fresh and fuller. This would straight off solve any problems regarding “looking your best” at any time.

i. Pain Relief

However, if you dig deeper, you find that there are quite a few healing properties in CBD lip balm effects. One of the biggest side effects of chapped lips is the pain you feel from it. Finding relief from it is your very first priority, whatever the solution may be. Thankfully, good quality lip balms with CBD oil extracts provide relief from inflammation and the signature stabbing pain. So much so, some people also reported that when they applied this lip balm on superficial cuts, the healing went much faster.

The impact is quite major as you can completely heal lips with heavy chapping in very few applications. Put against it any other lip balm, and you can be sure that such a result is impossible to achieve.

iii. Nutrition fulfillment

As we discussed, the lack of certain nutrition can also lead to chapped lips. And that is exactly what CBD based lip balms make up for. They are loaded with several vitamins such as A, C & E. All of these play a role in retaining the glow on your skin and keeping your lips looking smooth.

iv. Stress Relief

The positive CBD lip balm effects go beyond skincare as it is also a good way to address anxiety and stress. If you are ever feeling a little fidgety and want to relax, swipe right on your lips with your lip balm. The impact may not be drastic, but it should help you, regardless.

v. Anti-oxidant

Another special feature that you can enjoy with a CBD lip balm is its anti-oxidant properties. One of the biggest elements that harm our skin is toxic materials present in our body. Removing these materials from our bodies is very important, and our body does that naturally as well. However, having a little help is always a good idea, and the presence of anti-oxidants in CBD lip balm effects is certainly a big benefit. You can help clean your body just by applying your CBD infused lip balm.

vi. Anti-bacterial

Cleanliness is one of our most basic needs as civilized humans. While that implies the removal of physical filth, it also covers the microscopic elements. bacteria. Just like being dirty affects our appearance, having bacteria impacts our health too. Using a CBD based lip balm can help in that regard as well since it also has anti-bacterial properties. With each swipe, you are getting rid of all the bacteria on your body, and what could be better than that?


The products coming into the market are slowly maturing as users are providing feedback. While initially, we only had lip balms with CBD oil in it, now there are added ingredients for better impact. This includes many kinds of butter and other organic oils for enhanced impact. Taking care of your lips properly is now a lot easier with CBD oil-based lip balms. But be ready to see even more products as this is only the beginning!